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Christmas Gift Giving Ideas


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For almost all gifts, you will want to find something personal that would relate to the individual.

Also, it does not hurt to have a few extra “back ups” for those people who don’t quite stand out in the front of your mind.

Though Gift Certificates, in the past, seemed tacky and impersonal, these days such gifts (i.e. gift cards, spa passes, tickets to a dinner and/or show) are received happily by almost all. Finding the perfect store or venue may be the challenge if this approach is used.

Music has always been a great gift for friends and coworkers.
In keeping with the above statement, an iTunes gift card could be a great way to give the gift of music without having to suspiciously ask the intended recipient just what type of music she may like.

Professional relationships are tricky. Many professionals find it advantageous to give gifts at Christmas that will help to keep you in thier thoughts the next year. Office calenders, a nice engraved pen set, or desk name plate are great examples.

How about a personalized bottle of wine?

Special relationships may call for something with a touch of christmas spirit, a personalized and distinctive ornament, or perhaps a Kindle preloaded with a few favorite reads (flying off the shelves at Amazon for $79).

Another avenue that is very tasteful and never frowned upon is to make a donation to your friend’s favorite charity in the their name.

If all else fails to spark a reminder of that certain someone, the failsafe is always the Sharper Image. They have everything a person could want and nothing that they actually need.

…oh yes, don’t forget Godiva Chocolate.

This website also has many inexpensive gift giving ideas and recommendations you may find helpful.

“The reasons we bestow gifts, according to respondents:
they enable us to express pleasure or show friendship (42 percent); they are means by which we obtain or bestow pleasure (27 percent); because we feel obligated to (15 percent).”
—excerpt from Shoptimism by Lee Eisenberg

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