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An Old Friend That Was Too Young To Die. R.I.P. CW2 Cantrell.

Duane Cantrell died after jumping from a second story window at his North Carolina home with his wife and then rushing back into the house, which was engulfed in flames, to rescue his precious little girls.  He and his daughters did not make it.

If you would to donate to help the families of fallen heroes like Duane,   Here is the link


A friend of mine from my rowdy and crazy army days, Duane Cantrell has past away.  Duane Cantrell and I used to live, train, work, police, deploy, sham out and fight together.  He has and was trained by some of the best soldiers and leaders I have ever known.  The 108th MP Co, Doublestack, Airborne, Air Assault, Bastard Company of the Battalion and Proud of of it.  Zack, LeBlanc, Goldberg, Jakabauskas, Hom, Powell, Cortinas, Jones, Chain, Armstrong,  Ski!, and the list goes on.

He went off and followed his calling after I left the 108th.  I went down to South Texas to watch the fence and he dug deeper into the core of the Army.  The get in and get shit done section of the military.

The Special Forces!

The Green Berets!

I wonder if driving by the “man with a gun” near the old PMO helped inspire that decision.  Patrol one’s area if I remember right.  We were in the same platoon for a long time.  We had lots of great times together in and out of the Army.   went on to the Armsroom where I sat back and watched how the Army worked from a diffrent angle than  was accustomed to.

We had lots of fun old buddy.  I am going to miss you.  You were always a great friend and brother in arms.

I am going to try to get to Arlington for the services,  if not,  I at least know that I will get there someday.



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