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Williamson County issues burn ban
August 12, 2013, 11:33 am
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On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, the Williamson County Commissioners Court issued a burn ban for 60 days.  The County Judge was given the authority to lift the burn ban during this time if conditions improve.  

A person violates this order if he burns any combustible material outside of an enclosure which serves to contain all flames and/or sparks, or orders such burning by others. 

The burn ban prohibits the burning of household yard waste, such as leaves, grass, brush and other yard trimmings.  It also prohibits burning to clear land of trees, stumps, shrubbery, or other natural vegetation. 

This order may be enforced by any duly-commissioned peace officer.  It is a Class C Misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine up to $500.

Round Rock, a great place to live!

We have been living in round rock for many years now and still, there is nowhere we would rather be. 

Currently, there are over 125 NEW HOMES ready to be moved into.  Not to mention that builders have been working day and night to met the expected demand for new homes in the area. 

Austin is getting very crowded and Round Rock, with its unique downtown enviroment and the vast sports activities, is looking great as that wonderful town to live in thats just minutes away from the Austin wierdness we have grown to love. 

The time is now, Interest rates are low and the new home inventory is very promising.

Lots of incentives to buy (green, VA, Veterans land Board, 0 down FHA)

Call me and lets go over what you need to buy your new home today.

With prices from the $160,000 ‘s and up.  Round Rock has  everything you need. 

Austin’s Apartment Market is almost MAXXED OUT!!!

There are  751 Apartment Communities in the Austin Area, not including the 25 more which are currently under construction, with a total of over 165,000 units potentially available.    The occupancy level has been steady at about 95%.  that means at any given time there are only a handful of units available. Since there are units being renovated, remodeled, used as models and being upgraded, one could expect there to be about 2% of units actually on the market with an average monthly rent amount of $917!

Don’t drive all around town looking from Elgin to Georgetown for an apartment.  You WILL waste alot of time and money.

So Call ME, Dan Elswick with Apartments HERE!  I will do all of the work for you for FREE*!!!

Call Today– 512-587-0019

Residential rental locators are required by law to be licensed by the

Texas Real Estate Commission

 (P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas 78711-2188, 1-800-250-8732 or 512-465-3960)

Need to negotiate and lease renewal? Here are some tips!!
January 3, 2012, 3:01 pm
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   If you wish to negotiate with a landlord or management company, you should start the process at least 30 days prior to the deadline on your contract for vacating. 

When negotiating, key points to consider:

–your timely payments

 –your contribution to the beautification of the property

–your contribution to maintenance issues

 –the small number of issues that have escalated to management

 –loss of income from property when you move (i.e. marketing to lease to new tenant, cleaning, repairs, etc.)

Try to find out the current market value of the property ( to see if you are paying above or below.  If you are paying above, you have a good resource for your negotiation.  If you are paying below try to offer something in exchange for the increase.  Offer to extend for 6 months to a year longer in the lease.  For example, if you are negotiating a 9 month lease, offer to bump it up to a year or 18 months instead.  This gives owners some piece of mind for a longer time. 

Retention is the bread and butter of property management.  There are numerous costs when property managers have to fill vacancies.  If you have been a “valuable tenant” these tactics should help to avoid the new rent increase.

I have used these tactics with new leases as well as renewals.  For me, they have worked 75% of the time.  Keep in mind that you may not be able to negotiate with the manager, so be prepared to move.

I hope that this helps you in your mission.


De-scuff your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature in homes of any style. But if yours are showing their age and the wear and tear of scratches, sun-fading, and countless kid and dog miles, refinishing is the ideal way to breathe new life into them. Refinishing your floors will also blend in any repaired areas, and is the best way to make transitions between old and new rooms come together seamlessly.

Do you need Help fixing your hardwood floors?

De-scuff your hardwood floors.

Apartment seekers in the Austin Area!

A lot of People have been searching for apartments lately.  I am glad that I can be of service to all of you.  There are hundreds of apartment complexes in our area.  I have the inside resources to help you get into the one that is right for you.  Feel free to contact me at anytime to talk about the available options that are available to you.  

Most apartment management companies I am working with have lots of amenities to choose from.  Lets get together and see what they have to offer YOU!   

Apartments Round Rock

Beautiful Amenities!


Contact Daniel at 512-587-0019 or email me at  

Happy Hunting, Let’s go get the BEST Deal!